Wednesday, June 1, 2011

André Rieu At Schönbrunn, Vienna (Trailer)

Ok your PreTwinkler doesn't want to practice and your feeling at your wits end, calm down and reach for the Andre Rieu DVD, or go to YouTube for a clip.   After all their attention span is not that long yet anyway.

Yes, you're right.  This is a little over marketed and schmaltzy, but your preschooler will love it.  Andrei will appeal to their musical imagination.   You gotta keep the fantasy alive until they have booked in enough Twinkles to move on with out you.

Andre Rieu and his Strauss Waltzes are not just for grandmothers who watch PBS.  Your budding little princess will love the glittering gowns and the Disney styled sets.   The repertory is filled with musicals, dances and other crowd pleasers which gets nearly everyone on camera, (including the audience)  on their feet and dancing before the end.  If you have a little prince instead he will appreciate the soccer arena for the Ajax games where Andrei rocks and entire stadium.

Musically Andre has big feet and a global reach, I'm sure you will find a concert on his home channel that appeals to your taste and wins your heart over.   I think that is basically what Andre is about.   Picking you up by the heart and dancing you around the room.    What could be a better way to rescue a practice session.

Check the next few post to see what I am recommending for the kids.  There is also more stuff that you will like too.

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