Inspiration to Aspiration

Most of you are very busy people.  This Blog is an effort to put as many of the discoveries  made by my Suzuki families, which have been known to inspire practice in one place.      It takes time to search for performances, materials and experiences that stimulate our imagination.    I have made an effort to place here ideas that have a track record of being useful to parents and young musicians in the past.  Please take advantage of them and share this Blog with others.

New parents often ask me where to start when attempting to enrich the musical environment at home.   Listening to pedagogical materials is only part of the bigger picture of developing skills and making music.   As a young musician grows their musical taste develop and broaden.   Exposure to the world of practicing musicians is very important to lifting ones aspirations.   This generation is so lucky to have access to the Internet and a wealth of streaming technology from which to draw from.   Sometimes it can be a little overwhelming.   Where should we get started?

I will periodically add entries to this blog as new resources appear.   Please feel free to contact me and suggest materials and links that you have found useful.   I will share them as soon as I am able to set them up on the blog.   I look forward to hearing from you and receiving your feed back, questions, ideas and musical discoveries.

Ms. Cynthia

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