Monday, November 11, 2013

Bach Masterclass -- Bringing the Adagio to Life with Roy Sonne

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Does your violin know how to dance?

Allegro!!! is an elite string performance ensemble of the Western Springs School of Talent Education and the Naperville Suzuki School. An inventive and eclectic mix of music, dance, and video, Allegro!!! has been dazzling audiences in Chicago and beyond for nearly 20 years. Allegro!!! has performed at countless local events and also participated by invitation in recent performances for the National Suzuki Association of the Americas Biennial Conference in Minneapolis, MN and the American String Teachers Association National Conference in Atlanta, GA.

As a result of their performance at the American String Teacher Association's conference last March, the group was invited by Dean Marshall, Artistic Director of the world renowned phenomenon “Barrage”, to take part in a two week concert tour of China this summer. This trip will be a once in a lifetime opportunity for the students. Allegro!!! will be performing in the largest concert venues in Beijing, Hushou, Hangshou, Ningbo, and Shanghai. In addition to their concert performances, they will have the opportunity to experience Chinese culture and visit many of the country's most famous cultural and historic sites. This year's spring concert on May 11th will serve as benefit to support this upcoming trip.

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Miri Ben-Ari - Musical Ambasador from unexpected places a (playlist)

As a teenager I remember pulling out some of my favorite cover songs and wailing on them in the practice room.  But the guys in the local combo at school wouldn't have any of it.  Why would they want some chick with a violin under her chin up staging them.   But Miri doesn't let any thing hold her back.  She plays any kind of music she wants to and the guys in the band can say nothing about it.

Miri Ben-Ari, a Grammy Award-Winning violinist, composer & producer, Goodwill Ambassador of Music for the United Nations Association of Brazil originally from Israel, has created her own unique sound – a revolutionary fusion of classical soul and dance music. She is recognized as a musical pioneer.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Symphony Of Brotherhood / Miri Ben-Ari ft MLK

Make a statement with your music.  Ben-Ari has something to say with her violin.  You can make a difference with your music too.  Miri tells her story on Huffington Post.

Judge her by the color of her Tone.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Practicing the fiddle for speed demons, super heroes and space life.

Practicing the fiddle for speed demons, super heroes and space life.

So you want to play fast pieces on your violin with out missing the notes and crashing on the hard parts.   Here's 6 steps to playing a hotter fiddle and impressing your friends from Dr. Roy.

Put them on your practice chart.