Sunday, September 15, 2013

Symphony Of Brotherhood / Miri Ben-Ari ft MLK

Make a statement with your music.  Ben-Ari has something to say with her violin.  You can make a difference with your music too.  Miri tells her story on Huffington Post.

Judge her by the color of her Tone.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Practicing the fiddle for speed demons, super heroes and space life.

Practicing the fiddle for speed demons, super heroes and space life.

So you want to play fast pieces on your violin with out missing the notes and crashing on the hard parts.   Here's 6 steps to playing a hotter fiddle and impressing your friends from Dr. Roy.

Put them on your practice chart.

Cups: Anna Kendrick- Violin and Guitar Cover by David Wong and Bryan Mul...

David Wong

A wonderful young fiddle player and his friend.  Learn your scales and chord progressions in music theory so you can have fun creating your own fiddle covers with a great beat.  

Nice sticky ear tune guys.

Help the Adults in your life Discover Vivaldi's Four Seasons

Do you wish your parents under stood classical music the way you do?  The mission of George Marriner Maull is to help grown ups connect with Classical music at an emotional level.  You can find more of his short videos, like the video below on their  YouTube Channel.

On Vivaldi's Four Season they will discover that "The Song of the Wind" is not the first time the Cucoo made a musical appearance.   Maestro George and his Disovery Orchestra will help you point out some really cool things about classical music that make it more fun for everyone to listen for and enjoy.   He's kind of like Leonard Bernstein for adults.  Your dad will like him.

Learn more about George and his orchestra :
or follow his blog:

Beethoven - Symphony No. 6 (Proms 2012)

The West-Eastern Divan Orchestra Co-Founded and lead by the famous conductor Daniel Barenboim played at the Royal Albert hall in July this summer (2012).  Here they are playing the Beethoven Symphony No. 6.   What is remarkable about this orchestra is that it is made up of young musicians who would never have the opportunity to meet let alone make music together if it wasn't for the great belief that Maestro Barenboim has that music can bring the world together, even when they are in conflict with one another.  Perhaps that is the most important time they need to be playing music together.  In this case it is young people from Israel and Palestine.   Note by note these young people are using music to change the world they live in.

Pacific Symphony: Symphony on the Air

Pacific Symphony: Symphony on the Air:

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Orange County can listen to their coastal symphony on the Radio at KUSC 91.5 on Saturday Evenings or on line at any time you please in the comfort of your own home.
So if you are spending a quiet Saturday evening with your family, liven things up a little bit and invite some symphonic musicians and their host Rich Capparela into your home.   Concerts will include fascinating interviews with the guest artist and symphony musicians which are not available to the people attending the concert until they get home.

USC’s Classical Public Radio can be heard in 7 counties, from as far north as San Luis Obispo and as far south as the Mexican border.

KUSC-FM 91.5 - Los Angeles KPSC-FM 88.5 - Palm Springs
KQSC-FM 88.7 - Santa Barbara KDSC-FM 91.1 - Thousand Oaks
KESC-FM 99.7 - San Luis Obispo

Go to the Pacific Symphony website under the Education tab for more information.